ONE Networking Event

27th November 2017, 4-7pm Natural History Museum, Parks Road, Oxford

Staff and research students across Oxford University are invited to an event to showcase the work of the Oxford Networks for the Environment (ONE) on the 27th November 2017. The afternoon event, to be held in Oxford's Natural History Museum, will feature: a keynote from Prof Will Steffen (Australian National University) a leading expert in the fields of climate change and sustainability; a panel discussion; and updates on each of the ONE networks.

The main event will be held in the Lecture Theatre, followed by a networking opportunity in the museum.

We encourage anyone who works in the fields of Biodiversity, Climate, Energy, Food and Water, across Oxford University to attend.


16:00 Introduction - Professor Sir Charles Godfray (Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food)

Keynote Lecture
The Anthropocene: Where is the Earth System Going?
Professor Will Steffen (The Australian National University and Stockholm Resilience Centre)
16:45 Panel Discussion: Earth System Science
Chair: Professor Sir Charles Godfray
Dr Friederike Otto (Environmental Change Institute)
Professor Nathalie Seddon (Department of Zoology)
Kate Raworth (Environmental Change Institute)
Dr Simon Dadson (School of Geography and the Environment)
Professor Ros Rickaby (Earth Sciences)
17:15 Introduction to the research landscape and the role of ONE
Professor Sarah Whatmore (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education)
17:25 Updates on ONE networks and strategy
Biodiversity: Professor Tim Coulson (Department of Zoology)
Climate: Professor Philip Stier (Department of Physics)
Energy: Professor Nick Eyre (Environmental Change Institute)
Future of Food: Professor Charles Godfray (Department of Zoology)
Water: Dr Dustin Garrick (Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment)
17:45 Concluding remarks - Professor Sir John Beddington (Oxford Martin School)
18:00 Drinks and networking

All staff and research students working across the environment are invited to become members of the ONE networks. Please contact the co-ordinators if you would like to be added to the networks: Biodiversity | Climate | Energy | Future of Food | Water.


The Anthropocene: Where is the Earth System Going?

Will Steffen - Emeritus Professor, The Australian National University, and Senior Fellow, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Will Steffen

The proposed Anthropocene epoch has generated much discussion around its reality, its possible start dates, and its implications for contemporary human societies. Relatively less effort has been aimed at understanding the potential future trajectories of the Anthropocene and what processes and feedbacks might determine them. This talk will take a deep time, complex systems perspective on the future trajectory of the Earth System in the Anthropocene. We’ll describe the nature of Earth System dynamics in the late Quaternary in the framework of a limit cycle, and explore possible futures in terms of bifurcation points, internal feedbacks, and tipping elements in the system. An important feature of any future state or trajectory of the Earth System is its potential irreversibility, at least in the timeframes that matter for humans. Finally, we’ll discuss the implications of a complex systems approach to Earth System dynamics for global governance, as well as suggesting a range of human-driven feedbacks that will likely be required to avert the crossing of a bifurcation point that could lead to a state of the Earth System much less amenable to human wellbeing.