Celebrating Oxford’s outstanding interdisciplinary environmental research

On the 27th November 2017, the 5 networks that make up the Oxford Network for the Environment came together to celebrate Oxford University’s outstanding interdisciplinary research.

ONE network event

Over 250 academics and graduate students assembled in Oxford University’s Natural History to hear Prof Will Steffen, from the Australian National University, deliver an address tilted 'The Anthropocene: Where is the Earth system going?'.

The lecture was followed by a panel discussion with participants from across the University and chaired by Professor Sir Charles Godfray. It offered an opportunity to reflect on the implications of human activity on the Earth system, with discussions relating to the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere. The panel also went on to discuss the role that human economic systems could play in changing and redressing the effects of human activities. Questions from the audience to Steffen and the panel members provided a further opportunity to consider the scientific evidence, and focussed on the need for an integrated approach to finding solutions.

The lively debate was followed by a short talk by Prof Sir Chris Llewelyn-Smith, former Director of Energy Research at the University, who provided his thoughts on the strengths, opportunities and possible barriers of conducting interdisciplinary environmental research at Oxford. In his speech, he commended the work of the five ONE networks - on Biodiversity, Climate, Energy, Food and Water - for their role in developing and supporting cutting-edge environmental research across the university.

The evening ended with a drinks reception in the museum, offering a rare opportunity for all those working across the five ONE networks to celebrate the outstanding environmental research at Oxford.